About Our Dogs

About Our Puppies


We breed English Cream and American golden's.
Our puppies are bread to be of top quality.
For healthshow, rescue, therapy, disability, therapeutic,
assistance service dogs and mentor dogs for the disabled
or just a lovable family pet. We put a lot of love,
attention and time into making our Golden's be the best
they can be. Our number one priority is to make
our puppies HAPPY, HEALTHY & LOVEABLE. Our pups
are smart, fun, intelligent, and eager to please.
Any puppies that are over 10 weeks of age get a start on
crate training, leash training, and a start on the basic
commands. Like sit, lay, down, and shake.

About our Adult Dogs
Our Golden's:
We have Beautiful American & English Cream Golden's
with a great temperament. Hip and elbow clearance,
With multiple champion bloodlines and license therapy
background. They are all of top quality and have a great