Retired Goldens

No available adult dogs for adoption at this time




She is retired to a relaxing life with her family that loves her so very

much. We will be keeping her until her last breath. We will miss

her wonderful litters she has brought to us along with many other

happy families. But we do have one of her offspring (Zoey)

No dog could be as wonderful of a mother or friend.


10 years 8 Months Old 

She is AKC registered and OFA certificate.
She has a champion line and a licensed therapy mother.
She is a very beautiful, loving, well mannered girl with a very soft coat.
Her shedding is less than most goldens. She loves to
swim, hunt, play, and fetch, but with a calm thoughtful personality.
She loves people and children and most of all, her family.
Couldn't come by a better dog!  We have many comments
on her personality and willingness to please.          
 4 Months




Myla is a 100% English Cream Golden Retriever AKC registered.
Very light almost white English Cream Golden Retriever.
She has an outstanding AKC pedigree!
Multiple champion blood line. She fits
champion guidelines and has a full health clearance.
Has had no health issues to date.

Myla is a Beautiful, calm, quiet, very sweet, lovable girl, that loves
to swim, go for walks, be cuddled and loved. She is a great
family dog who is very calm mannered and loves attention.
She is wonderful with children and all animals. Myla is smart and
listens well. She aims to please and is more about attention then playing.
This sweet girl is a wonderful addition to any family. She is a follow
you around dog, that would love to be apart of anything you do.
5 Months                                                                        9 Weeks 



3 years 

This boy was a wonderful, playful, smart family dog who meets champion

 requirements with a champion pedigree and a nice boxy head.

He is a part of our everyday family life. Rusty is wonderful with our children

and likes to go on walks, trips in the car and is not afraid of new things.

He loves to swim fetch hunt and be babied.

Born on 11-2007.

 1 year

6 weeks


2 Years old

Copper is a big boy but the biggest baby.
He is so sweet, he never leaves our side. He loves
to play fetch, swim and be petted.
(He loves to be petted as much as he likes to play)
He is friendly with all other animals not afraid
of new things and anyone can be his friend. He is gentle
and great with young kids.  He is one of the calmest
males you could ever come across.
He is the perfect gentlemen.

1.5 Years Old                                                            2 Years Old                                                                    1.5 Years Old         

He produced some beautiful, well behaved babies.
Copper was a wonderful dad who played very genital with the little ones.

Look at his sweet little face

4 Weeks




                 5 years old 3 Years Old 2 Years Old 1 Year 9 Months Old

WOW look at this beautiful girl.
Lexie is our very dark golden retriever female, who is
AKC Registered and multiple champion lines
with licensed therapy father and champion grandfather.
OFA parents. And also has multiple hunting champion background.
She is very DARK in color!
(which is becoming harder to find every day)
This girl meets all hunting & show requirements.
She has the energy to do anything and would be great at it.
She is ofa ceftified good hips.

                  24 Weeks 8 Weeks 8 Weeks
She is a loving well rounded girl that is just right in her temperament.
She aims to please and catches on quick to new commands.
Very smart! She does what you ask of her at all times. She will quit doing anything
to come when she is asked. Lexie has a very high jumping skill, runs very fast and is an
awesome hunter. She loves people, rides in the car, to fetch, swim, be petted
and lay with us. She is great with children and gets along with other animals.
Lexie is definitely a GREAT addition to our family!
She is a big baby and very fun to play with.