Guarantee & Deposit Forms

Form 1:     This form is when putting a deposit down for a puppy before they are born. To guarantee your pick # of your choice. 

Form 1: Before Born $100

Form 2:       This form is when purchasing a puppy after they have been born but before they are ready to go to their new homes.

Form 2: Before Ready $400

Form 3:       This form is when your puppy is of age and ready to go home (where no deposit will take place).  

Form 3: When Ready

Our Guarantee:


If you have a licensed veterinarian examine your puppy within 72 hours of delivery  at the owner’s expense. 

If there is a health issue, our vet will interpret the report. If  he concurs, (with the return of the puppy) a

replacement puppy will be given. We guarantee our quality puppies to be free of life-threatening genetic

defects  limited to eyes, heart, elbows, and  hips that will only affect his/her life as a pet for the first 24 

months of  his/her life.

Defective puppy will be replaced with another after proof of certification (OFA Report) is provided and

puppy is shipped back to the breeder.  

-Buyer assumes all veterinary and shipping expenses.

-If puppy is sold or transferred to another owner the contract is null and void.

-Puppy will be replaced as soon as we have one available.

-Waiting time can be from one to two years. 

-Only puppy replacement offered. No money refunds.