100% English Cream Golden Females



Bella is champion sired and has a multiple champion pedigree.

She is a very light English Cream Golden Retriever.

Who came straight from the UK. She is UKU registered and AKC registered.

She has a full health clearance.


She is a kind loving Beautiful girl with a sweet personality.

She is stocky with a nice boxy head. Bella produces wonderful puppies.

She is smart and willing to learn. She loves to play fetch and sniff

around to see what she can find. She gets along with cats and other animals.

She would follow us around all day if she could and loves to have her

belly rubbed. She is super calm and a perfect family dog!


American Golden Females



She is an offspring of Shelby and Saber. Shelby is now retired.

We hope to carry on the sweet loving personality of Shelby and the calm

nature of Saber. And this girl shows we can. She is exactly that.

Calm, Sweet, loving and her behavior is spectacular.


Zoey is AKC registered and has an English Cream father that has

import parents and that are champions. And an OFA & Champion

packed pedigree. Her mother is the sweetest most wonderful dog I have

ever owned. She naturally pleases all of us. She never does a thing

wrong and she is taking after them. Zoey has great parents and will have the

best offspring you could ever ask for. She sheds less than the rest of our dogs


This girl says it all! She is a calm, sweet, kind, loving puppy who

loves people and to be held. She would let you hold her all day if

you would. Zoey is great with kids, plays very calm and with a soft

mouth. She loves to play fetch, play fight (when asked), play with

our cats and follow us around. She is smart and catches on quickly.

She can be left outside alone and never leaves the yard.

I just cant say enough about this girl.

She is the most calm sweet puppy I have ever owned.

Zoey is half English Cream and half American golden.



Paisley is AKC registered. She is the daughter of Zoey and Rusty.

The granddaughter of Shelby. She is a great mix of her dam and sire.

She will produce dark red puppies when bred to a dark male.

Her puppies will be champion quality. With hunting and watersport

champion ancestors. Ofa and great health ancestry.

1 Year 9 Months Old

9 Months Old

6 Months Old

1 Year 9 Months Old


She is very sweet, loving, smart, playful and easy to train.

She loves everyone and is great with kids.

She is a large lap dog who is always looking forward to cuddling,

She loves to play fetch, run, swim, hunt and be with her family.

She is a great addition to our breeding program.