English Cream Golden's


~Available for stud service~

1.9 Years Old

This Sweet boy is so sweet funny loving and so very smart. He is very well
behaved, learns so fast and willing to please.  He has an awesome personality.
He has been such a breeze to train.

7 Months Old

This boy is so sweet funny loving and so very smart. He is well
behaved and learns so fast.  He has an awesome personality.
He has a healthy background and OFA parents.
He is a nice stocky boy at about 80lbs at 10 months of age.
He has a nice blocky head and shorter nose.
His coat is growing in very nice, thick, long and is still growing in length.

2 Weeks Old

Will be available for stud later this year.



2 Years Old

 8 Months Old

He is an offspring to Shelby, Zoey and Saber which have been with us since
they were puppies. Grandma Shelby is now 10 years 8 months young
personality. Captain loves to swim, fetch, and be
fussed over. He gets along with other animals.
He's wonderful with children and loves to learn new things

6 Weeks Old

He has such a wonderful personality He's calm,

smart, sweet loving and willing to learn.

American Golden's

* Rusty II *

        ~Available for stud service~  

1 Year 9 Months Old

This boy loves to play fetch, play and go every where we go.
He would be a perfect hunting dog.
He is so eager to please and learn new things. He is always so happy.
He keeps his ears forward all the time unlike most goldens.
He has a beautiful long, dark, shiny coat with a blocky head.


8 Months Old                                               4 Months Old