Our goal is to breed healthy, well tempered, Loving pets.

Our Guarantee:


If you have a licensed veterinarian examine your puppy within 72 hours of delivery at the owner’s

expense. and there is a health issue, our vet will interpret the report. If he concurs,

(with the return of the puppy) a replacement puppy will be given. 


We guarantee our quality puppies to be free of life-threatening genetic defects limited to eyes, heart,

elbows, and  hips that will only affect his/her life as a pet for the first 25 months of  his/her life.

Defective puppy will be replaced with another after proof of certification (OFA Report) is provided

and puppy is shipped back to the breeder. 



Buyer assumes all veterinary and shipping expenses. If puppy is sold or transferred to another

owner the contract is null and void. Puppy will be replaced as soon as we have one available.

Waiting time can be from one to two years.  Only puppy replacement offered. No money refunds. 




Purchase Agreement:



We would appreciate for the purchaser/owner to keep their e-mail updated with the breeder.


No Golden Pups puppy/dog shall ever end up in a humane society at any time for any reason. If the

purchaser/owner cannot keep their dog for any reason at all, the puppy shall not be sold, the dog is

to be given back to the breeder at the purchaser/owners expense. This is to insure the safety of the pet.


No Golden Pups dog shall be bread that come with no papers or limited registration. 


Owner of the golden pups puppy is to keep the breeder updated with the health of the puppy for the

duration of the puppies life